EON 78: India Avenue






EON Speak to Mugunthan Siva from India Avenue Investment about investing in India.

India is a unique opportunity to diversify from Australia, with several key differentiators;

1. Younger average population age of 29 versus 40 for Australia
2. India is a commodity importer, Australia a commodity exporter
3. Indian companies pay significantly less dividends as there is no capital gains tax for investors when they hold for longer than 12 months
4. India’s population is massive compared to Australia
5. Significant efficiency gains to made through Technology across the government sector
6. Massive economic reform under the Modi Government
7. Consumption economy with a growing middle class

This is a great episode for all trustees to learn about investment opportunities beyond our borders. It is easy to stay local but there are real benefits to your portfolio to invest globally. The diversification strengthens your portfolio and the returns are likely to be significant over the long term.

Compound your wisdom!

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