EON 75: Impact of rising interest rates on fixed income

EON speak to David Erdonmez from fixed income manager PIMCO about fixed interest and the impact of rising interest rates on fixed income portfolio’s.

We discuss

  • the characteristics of fixed income
  • how rising interest rates are likely to impact
  • why should maintain exposure to fixed income in your SMSF
  • the current outlook for fixed income
  • the differences between Hybrids and bonds
  • the difference between Term Deposits and bonds
  • Global opportunities to generate higher income from fixed interest

This is a great episode for all trustees who

  • don’t really understand why fixed interest is an essential component of a diversified portfolio.
  • have large exposures to hybrids, cash and term deposits in their portfolios.
  • Who are looking for stable income in your fund
  • Who are confused about the noise around fixed interest in the media

Compound your wisdom!

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